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Guy who is unemployed/underemployed that has a hobby of doing something with music, but he puts himself out there as working in the music industry as a professional, as if its a real full time job.
Guy read the ad in the back of Rolling Stone, or saw the commercial on daytime TV since he is realistically unemployed about "working with the stars of tomorrow, today."

Since "graduating" from the recording vocational "school" (that has no selection criteria), when he goes out and people ask what he does, he says "I'm in the music industry/sound engineer/music producer/in a band." He'll name drop artists you've heard of, but you'll never read his name credited on any of their albums.

Realistically, he is unemployed, but has a 'hobby' of making one or two albums for others with day jobs every year.

He is flat broke, and will make up fake albums that he has deadlines to meet as an excuse why he can't afford to spend $10 on Friday night.

This guy, is a music industry poser.
by Hobby shot caller November 29, 2010
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