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a person who downloads every song from every artist he or she hears. Usually, they are loaded with several thousand gigabytes of high quality music downloaded off of torrent sites. Music hoarders will listen to the radio to keep up with the latest artists/songs and will even listen to pandora for the whole day in order to absorb as much new music as possible. They do not have a particular favorite type of music and will download almost anything that has any musical relevance. Music hoarders do NOT listen to ALL of their music. They only listen to about 1%-5% of their whole music collection.
Guy 1: dude have you heard that new song by lady gaga?
Guy 2: which one?
Guy 1: i think it's called judas
Guy 2: *searches on his iTunes library* oh yeah it's right here
Guy1: you had it and you didn't even know you had it?
Guy 2: yeah.. i have over 5,000 gigs of music..
by muse-sick May 10, 2011
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