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Can be shortened to MPD disorder or MPDD. It is when a person has a song stuck in their head when he/she does not have a device that can play music or is not allowed to use a music player. Symptoms including a change in opinion whether or not they like the song, tapping of the toes or fingers (or other body part), unexplainable rage or confusion, fatigue and even impatience. The only known cures for people suffering from this temporary state are: preoccupying oneself, thinking about another song or playing different music.
1.Guy: Crap, I've got a song in my head... wait, where's my iPod? It's never there when I'm suffering from Music Player Deprivation Disorder!

2. Girl: No! I've got "Bad Romance" stuck in my head.

Guy: Sounds like a bad case of MPDD. Wanna borrow my iPod?

Girl: Can't. We're taking a test next period, and we can't use our iPods.
by Geoffrey_The_Giraffe June 06, 2010
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