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The epitome of disgustingly saccharine-sweet cutesy names lovers give to one another as a pet name and term of endearment.

1. A name given to the partner of a relationship by the other partner specifically to drive them nuts because there is nothing cornier to call them and they intend to annoy the person.

Partner 1: "Oh Mushy-Poops, I wuves you!"
Partner 2: "Good Lord, please stop before my brain implodes."

2. A term of endearment universally offensive to everyone but the sick people sincerely using it towards each other.

Construction worker 1: (Into cellphone) Okay, I love you too. No you're my Mushy-Poops. No you're MY Mushy-Poops.
Construction workers nearby: (Grab jackhammers and noisy tools and attempt to drown out awfulness).

3. A term used by a couple which does not regularly use pet names, as a source of comic relief, because they're bored and a little bit crazy.

Elizabeth: I just... love you so much!
OJ: Awwww, Mushy-Poops!
Elizabeth: What did you just call me?? MUSHY-POOPS?! Bwahahahahahah!!!
OJ: Hahahaha!
by Wackatron July 17, 2008
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