Muscle tissue is a contractile body tissue as well as the force behind all bodily movement. It's specialized to contract or shorten forcefully and is classified under three types: skeletal, cardiac, and smooth. The classification is according to the anatomic location and function of the muscle.

When classified by appearance, muscle can be striated (with thin parallel streaks) or nonstriated (without thin parallel streaks). When classified by function, it is voluntary (consciously controlled) or involuntary (not normally consciously controlled).

Let's go over the three types again, but further in depth:
Voluntary striated (skeletal)
Involuntary striated (cardiac)
Involuntary nonstriated (smooth)
Person 1: *existing*
Person 2: "Did you know that muscle tissue makes up a large portion of your body weight?"
Person 1: "Literally NOONE asked"
by craigellachie March 2, 2022