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A mursuit is a fursuit designed for the people who take part in the Furry Fandom but also enjoy engaging in sexual activity while wearing their suits. Mursuits differ from Fursuits, most commonly, in only one way: there are alterations made to the suit to enable the person wearing it to engage in sexual activity with another mursuiter. This is the part of the Furry Fandom that most of us-- including decent furs-- find to be undesirable.

*PLEASE NOTE* I speak for all decent Furries when I say that ONLY ABOUT 6% OF FURRIES TAKE AN INTEREST IN SEXUAL FURSUITING. 94% of us fursuit BECAUSE:

-we enjoy it/think it's fun
-enjoy acting as our "spirit animal"
-take joy in displaying outwardly our inner "fursonality"

Please dont judge all Furries based solely on the less reputable Mursuiters. We may enjoy anthropomorphics, but we're still human. We'll respect you if you respect us.
Furry 1: I wish people didn't judge me based on other Furries' behavior.
Furry 2: Same here man, just because I'm a fursuiter doesn't make me a MURsuiter!
by 1nstant-qway-the-fur May 08, 2013
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