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Facts that are led by the most of Murphy's Law all at once and you know that, but even so you know nothing can be done to prevent that other than falling into ANOTHER Murphy's Constant.
1. When I looked out the window, sky was so cloudy and as dark as tar, so I decided to carry my umbrella with me. Following the Murphy's Constant, a punch of wind has just blown all those dark clouds away, suddenly. Then I had to keep my umbrella in hands during the whole sunny and hot day. That, untill I realized I forgot it somewhere. And guess what?! Without my umbrella with me, when I was in the wide open center of the city, miles way from home, making my way back home on foot, since I lost my bus, that hot and brighty sunlight turned back into a gloomy, and even darker mass of clouds than before and the whaterfalls poured all upon me, until I arrived home, closed the door behind my backs and that shiny sun appeared again. Plus during that storm, occured a power outage...
But if I didn't carry my umbrella when I was leaving home, rain would have started right at that moment, I would get to work all wet, and that bright sunlight would have been shining while I was inside that closed building and with my umbrella with... Just happened MILLION times with me... that's one of my Murphy's Constants!
by WondererCarvalho August 03, 2010
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