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The term, "murph nerph," can be used in replace of essentially anything, including, but not limited to: 1)noun 2)adjective 3)adverb 4)verb, and so on. The term can also be used in replace of a name.

Although the term, "murph nerph," appears to have no limitations in its use, there are at least two stipulations associated with this term. "Murph nerph" can NOT be used in any connection what-so-ever with Eddie's penis. This is highly forbidden and any such violations should be held seriously by those who witness it. Further more, should the term be used during any acts that are in a sexual nature, it is automatically assumed that the person who said the term was thinking about the woman who coined the phrase in a highly sexual and erotic nature. This use of the term is obviously encouraged.
Examples of some of the uses in which one could use "murph nerph," include, but are not limited to, the following:

1)Noun-a) I drove to the adult murph nerph (bookstore) to get some porn.
b)The Murph Nerph (Doctor) who was my favorite was played by David Tennant.
c)My murph nerph (cat) likes to get high off of catnip.
2)Adjective-I like to sing while driving my murph nerph (shit box) car.
3)Adverb-My friend just bought a new car and after that she always drove murph nerph(fast).
4)Verb-a)I was murph nerphing (shopping) for some new panties.
b)She murph nerphs (spanks) him only if he begs.
c)I really want to get murph nerphed (trashed) tonight.
5)Interjection-Murph nerph! (Allons-y!)
6)Plural-I like people who have murph nerphs (tattoos).
7)Posessives-I wish that I had Murph nerph's (Jesse's) girl.
8)Irregular Verbs-Elvis has murph nerft (left) the building!
9)Compound-He frequently visited the murph-nerph (red-light) district in Amsterdam while on business.
by Murph Nerph Auctor September 12, 2013
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