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A super sized Unit, incredibly powerful and quite often aggressive. Usually found in a gym.

See also; Mutant
Ronnie Coleman is an example of a Munit
by Deemo7 June 17, 2009
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still not loven police...still rocken our kakis with a cuff and a crease....and we still have love for the streets..Rockaway
no stress, no seeds, no stems,no sticks give me some of that sticky-icky-icky eww wee....put it in the air!!
if its not m-unit it an't shit
by eddie March 04, 2004
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The definition for this is the monkey unit, made by mesh :P

G unit is the guirrela unit came from 50 cent...

by m UNIT March 20, 2004
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MY best friend she is so damn awsome! she is the best damn sk8er chick in this hella town! she is always there for me and she will always be my sexi sk8er
1.can do the best almost ollie
by KT March 22, 2005
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Mexican Gang. Led by the Dominguez family. Currently Dead after a loss to the Ms-13, Ms-18, and the 18th street gangs.
M-Unit Killed my Parents
by Tookie Williams January 24, 2008
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R-Pan and dem m-unit nigz be gettting crayzzy gropie love
by Arpan-lover March 06, 2004
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these nigguhs be livin da thug lyfe on the streets of rockaway new jerz
dem m-unit nigz just put a cap in some pigs ass
by M.y.k.e March 10, 2004
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