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The most intelligent, stylish and witty person you will ever want to know. She will kick your ass while reciting various alphabets in 8 different languages. Yea, she can multitask the hell out of anything. She never stops giving; she is Christmas. She does everything well and she does it with style in spades. She is the fucking master of power point. She has seen more of the world than you have and she is going to do more with her life than most people can ever dream about doing with all the time they spend not doing shit. She is a real fucking jewel.
"Are you going to finish that research project I emailed the team a week ago?" "No? Better Muninder the shit out of it, that's how its done!"

"I love girls with class...they better be a Muninder or I kick 'em to the side.
by Blonde. August 28, 2011
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