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Yo! Dudes & Dudettes, The ULTIMATE cure for chinese-eyes;

Take a COPIOUS! amount of fresh-made popcorn, sprinkle with taco or fajita seasoning to suit your taste, mix well then toss with melted butter. (Important, add seasonings before you butter the papa-charlies or it will all clump up, and don't salt it till you taste it 'cause a lotta taco/fajita shake have a shit load in it already.)

Take the popcorn and dump it in a big-ass brown-paper bag, add boo-coo amounts of Goobers, Raisinettes and Sno-Caps or Nestle's Tollhouse morsels, generic chocolate chips will work fine. The combination of sweet and salty and spicy is KILLER WICKED! It really TWANGs yer buds.

Close and fold over the top of the bag and SHAKE!

Grindage City!!

Since all of the ingredients but the seasonings are availible at the Snack Bar, I keep a film can of Fajita shake & cayenne in the saddle bags on my '48 Indian, so if me and the chiquita want to spark up before the flix or the Lazer Floyd show at the planetarium "we be set, a'ight"

(Also try using M&Ms, Reeses pieces, butterscotch chips instead,(or you can add the marshmallow bits you picked out of your lucky charms). also, if you like it REALLY spicy and HOT like we do, add some cayenne powder before you butter the corno, and if you like it milder, substitute Chex party-mix seasonings instead of the Fajita mix)
YO! B-Yach, don't bogart the Munchie Mix, you be crunchin' but you aint be passing! I mean, Damn! an next time wear some drawers cuz you be rottin' my seats!
by Command MasterChief Guns May 13, 2007
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