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muhnch muh-kan-iks
- noun

1. routine or basic methods of a person who consistently repeats the same mistake more than once or makes completely irrational decisions without warning or reason.
2. the process of making ill-advised, wasteful financial decisions to reach an unrealistic or unobtainable goal.
3. the actions of an individual who rationalizes ideas regarding Asian minors whilst under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
"Goran Bunch" recently received his paycheck. Displaying typical munch mechanics, he resolved to spend it entirely on a European satchel, hard liquor, something with rhinestones, and an over-priced gift for an Asian minor (in the hopes of receiving sexual gratification.) Later that night he recalled his countless stupid decisions, but, for some reason, repeated the same actions during the following pay-period. munch mechanics
by Bubba the Cat September 27, 2010
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