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An edgey YouTuberwho gained prominence due to his satirical anime reviews and School Shooter content. He wrote a book called the triflers and is currently writing a book with sheepover called diary of a supreme gentleman a version of Elliot Rodger's Manifesto in the style of diary of a wimpy kid he is also currently trying to get in the upcoming film in the cool cat saves the kids series entitled cool cat stops a school shooting he has gotten into some drama due to his edgey content and his fans. He was kicked out of the procrastinaters podcast due to a bunch of his fans playing very mild pranks on endless Jess who couldn't handle it and gave the PCP an ultimatum keep either him or mumkey. Digi to aka digibronymlp is the leader of the PCP and made a video shitting on mumkey. in turn, a bunch of mumkey's fans showed just how much digibro contradicted himself and how much of an hypocrite he is. Mumkey is a character who has the traits of being edger than the sharpest sword, extremely depressed constantly wants to kill himself and is an alcoholic. Other characters on his YouTube channel are jumkey mones, mumkey's long lost twin cousin, and assburger
Elliot:"Mumkey Jones released a new edgey video today"

Alexa:"really? I thought he killed himself already"
by H1ROYUKI May 23, 2018
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A youtuber known for shitposting and being so edgy especially in this current year politically correct climate. The main joke of his internet presence is that he is never funny, entertaining, or interesting but thousands of people still follow him. Mumkey only uses the same 5 jokes, The Woah Im' Being So Edgy Right Now Joke, The I'm Depressed Joke, The Suicide Joke, The This Joke That Mumkey Isn't Being Funny.

My Source:
"I'm depressed" - Mumkey Jones
by Mumkey Jones January 01, 2018
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