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Making more than one submission of a definition to Urban Dictionary. This is a device used by people in the hope that the more frequently they submit their definition the more likely it is to be accepted. If the definition contravenes the guidelines laid down by Urban Dictionary, volunteer editors will not accept it no matter how many times it is submitted. The practice of multiple submissions is also likely to backfire on them as even if the volunteer editor couldn’t decide on it the first time they saw it, seeing multiple times more is likely to piss them off so that they vote to keep it out, after all they’re only human. So if you are going to submit a definition, do yourself a favour, submit it only once and if it is rejected, check it against Urban Dictionary guidelines, correct it and resubmit and it just might get accepted.
Making multiple submissions to Urban Dictionary slows things down and may actually reduce the chances of your definition being accepted.
by AKACroatalin May 10, 2015
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