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A Multigenerational Mixed Person (MGM) is characterized as an individual with a family tree which overlaps multiple racial groups. A 100% white individual and a 100% Asian individual create a First Generational Mixed Person (FGM) who is 50%/50%. If this mixed person chooses to mate with a white person, their offspring will be around 25% Asian 75% white. However, if this mixed person chooses to mate with another mixed person, it could get very complicated to predict. The effect that mixing has on offspring is allegedly beneficial according to scientists & the definition of the term Hybrid Vigor. (GTS)
"Excuse me, I'm not black. I'm a Multigenerational Mixed Person (MGM)"
"Excuse me, I'm not a Jew, I'm MGM."
by famousfractal March 20, 2016
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