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The male with both failure and success, the one that chooses his own path. The man for himself, the commander of his own kingdom. A dominant male that doesn't think about girls nor disrespect them, but believe in equal rights. Mukeshbala, the man who will conquer both good and evil. The path ahead is rough but you will get help from the unexpected.....
Karthik: "Who is that guy?"
Emma: "Mukeshbala, The man of all knowledge and has no dreams!"
Karthik: "That is good because mukesh means DUMB and bala means YOUNG BOY!"
Person3: "OMG?"
Person4: "But he a leader for a reason. The amount of knowledge he has obtained is godlike!"
Karthik: "Yeah, I regret what I said, He is awesome!"
Person5: "The man that meets failures will make the man stronger!"
Karthik: "He will be the hero! NO, NO he is the hero, the is fit for a king!!!!"
Person4: "Yep"
Emma: "The perfect man even if he has many flaws! But it is the man that can change the world?"
by HuskEM June 01, 2018
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