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Leftover on a Hungarian stool after being used by a Domany
Damn it, that dumbass crappy Domany ran away and left us all this mukaka to clean!
by Feldermaus September 14, 2008
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Mukaka is an ethnic slur used to describe immigrants of darker color, particularly shop owners and salespersons. It can be used to refer to people from Africa, the Middle East or the Indian Sub-Continent. It emerged from the large scale internet phishing operations where victims were promised various forms of get rich quick schemes from a desperate "Chief Mukaka" of an Indian or African tribe. It has a similar connotation to word shyster, but with obviously racial connotations.
by Christopher Lawrence August 13, 2006
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Mukaka is a word that you use when you're looking at a furry piece of clothing that:
- has so much fur that it looks like it's living its own life.
- reminds you of an animal (like a rabbit etc.)
- is on a girl that is so fucking annoying and stupid that the only thing you can think about is; MUKAKA YOU FUCKING RETARD!
*looking at a horrible fur* MUKAKAAA!
*retard responds to the animal call* MUKAAAKAAAAAA :B
by GinaDion December 20, 2006
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