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1) A person so hyper and ignorant, they are ADD on crack.

2) A person used as a battering ram in a riot.

3) A person whose father was a hamster and mother smelled of elder berries.
1) "Man, that Mugwomp is crazy, he's like ADD on crack"

2)"Oh look, a steel door is blocking our ascent from the darkness, we should use a Mugwomp as a battering ram to get it open."

3) "That Mugwomp's father is a hamster and his mother smells of elder berries"
by Pumgowm March 16, 2008
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A creature that lives in an attic and/or basement, it feeds on biscuits and shares a resemblance with Dobby the house elf as well as Gremlins.
He is a mugwomp.
by flatulence28 May 31, 2017
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Mugwomp is a furry little creature that works for to find amazing products from across the internet and give them away.
Whoa. Mugwomp sure finds the best products on the internet. You have to check them out!
by mugwomp April 25, 2017
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The man at the diner looked full grown, but he was actually a mugwomp.
by Rollie Baker April 08, 2017
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