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A selfish, spoiled rich monkey from the children's television show, Arthur. She is very fashionable, stubborn, beautiful, and extremely wealthy. Even though Muffy is all of these things, she is very misunderstood. She boasts confidence when on the inside, she lacks the confidence she shows to her fellow third grade classmates. In addition to that, she happens to be friendly when she feels compelled to and genuinely cares about her friends.

It is a rarity to be compared to Muffy Crosswire, for it can be seen as rude, but in hindsight, it is an honor to be compared to such a mature eight year old anthropomorphic monkey from one of the most beloved children's television shows of all time.
Ugh, she is so annoying, just like Muffy Crosswire, but she is also so chic and fashionable.
by regan/muffy August 26, 2016
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