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A muffrie is slightly worse than a douche bag. You use such a term when you want to call someone, who is in the room, a douche bag. But don't throw this term around like it means nothing; calling someone a muffrie is a great way to insult them to their face, without them knowing what you mean. To use the word on anyone that slightly annoys you greatly diminishes the word's insult value. So make sure you and your friends seriously despise this person and would like to kick their ass before you call them a muffrie.
Guy #1: "God, Why is that Ryan kid here? I fucking hate his guts."
Guy #2: "Yea he really is a cocksucker"
Ryan: "Hey guys, how are the two of you doing, want to go to bible study?"
Guy #1 and #2: "No we don't wanna go to bible study, muffrie"
Ryan: "I don't get it"
Guy #1: "Its an inside joke, don't worry about it, muffrie"
by "Concerned Citizen" February 10, 2010
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