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THE MOST AMAZING DESSERT EVER!!! It is half muffin, half cupcake, half muff. Derived from muff, female seamen and another term for vagina. It is made from the muffin top, cupcake bottom, and muff center (muff is the best part). In case you do not have that good muff harvest, marshmallows will substitute. Apon eating a MuffnCake, one might announce, "Oh man I MUFFED!"

These MuffnCakes originated from the secret society of Muff. Do not ask to join, ITS A SECRET! Although, it is lead by the Muffmasters: MMS MMS MMF MMM MMK MMR

Warning: MuffnCakes do cause mufftastic reactions and vary per person.

Note: Best time to harvest muff is winter. Don't ask why, trust me you do not want to know.
That was a mufftastic MuffnCake!
by Master Muff December 04, 2010
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