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Puffy, giant hi top shoes from the 1980's such as McGregors or early Nike basketball shoes. The laces must come up the front to an impossible height, and the top forms almost a cup around the ankle. A velcro strap or three is sometimes found on the more advanced models. Another great example of a muffin shoe is the original Reebok Pump.
"Man, I found a great pair of Asics muffins at the dime store on saturday!"
"Good lordy will you look at the tongue on those muffin shoes! He could whistle Dixie with those things..."
"I got a new pair of shoes to wear for work, but i'm not sure i like them; they look a little muffin-ey"
"You going to the moon on those muffins?"
"Dude, forget school, let's hit the flea market and check out the muffin shoes."
"My dad needs a new look. He's been wearing the same pair of muffin shoes since 1986."
by Larry The Bus Driver October 27, 2006
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those shoes that when wet or even when not wet, make a sound similar to as if they have muffins lining their shoes.
Damn son, Ari's shoes are so soggy, those are definitely some muffin shoes.
by the dudeee March 01, 2007
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