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One of the two gods of the religion Clovity. Mudione is a highly celebrated and vastly praised goddess. Knowledge, advice and animals are common elements this divine being is associated with and most would regard her as dutiful and generous.
Often depicted as short, athletic, fair and unkempt Mudione is usually worshipped through vows and sacrifices.

There's one main place for those who thirst for the powers and blessings of Mudione, but altars and homemade shrines are a mandatory form of worship to some.
Worshipers are in the minority and tend to come in the form of foresters and crafters, but welcome are all who seek the guidance of this goddess. Even if the right vows and sacrifices cannot be abided by.
"Hail Mudione, Goddess of Life!"
by lemons-hate-you May 30, 2018
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