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Children or youngsters of the darker variety Black which parentals are normally comprised of the descendants of Yard Apes. Rap sheet of activities often include, but are not limited to: breaking and entering, robbery, grand theft auto, assault and battery, trespassing and smelling like filthy hood rats from the lower east side (no ghetto in particular they all stank like ass) and the stench of peanut butter is often reported present. Average diet consists of any forms of fried poultry, nutrient rich watermelon, and purple drank.
White 1: What's that stank? Smells like peanut butter & asshole

White 2: Ahh Hell looks like summa them their Mud Dumplings dun' broke inna my shitty Ford!!

White 1: Get Off my Yard ya damned Mud Dumplings!!!
by TeetoVB August 13, 2011
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