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When two partners engage in a highly dangerous and flammable variation on anal sex. The receiving partner lines his/her anal canal with sandpaper, while the giving partner covers the tip of their penis with a thick layer of sulfur; turning the penis into a match-like combustible. The two partners begin to perform the rituals of anal sex, effectively igniting the penis in a rage of flame. This practice has been linked to the sado-masochistic practices of the BDSM culture. It is one of the most dangerous acts of abnormal sexuality and is not practiced at most dungeons.
Joe always was a receiver because being the dominant partner did not bring enough pain to satisfy his masochistic desires. That is until he heard of the Mucho Calor Pene! Now that son of a bitch is giving it left and right. And I heard his cock looks like a burnt cheeto!

Dude I gave that bitch a Mucho Calor Pene, and now my dick smells like charcoal, and tastes like a used frying pan. Shit!!
by Titty Tipplenits September 23, 2009
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