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A school in Maine where the administration doesn't properly handle situations. They punish the students for barely anything. They hand out in-houses, suspension and expulsions regularly. Also, Mt.Ararat is a low class school with dividers, file cabinets, chalkboards and posters for walls. Most of the student body are loud whores that talk to much and wanna be pimps with their pants to low. Then there's the harpswell portion of the student and we'll not go there. Mt.ararat also lacks in the sports department. Football team hasn't made it to states in years, the hockey team couldn't even beat cony. Congrats to all Mt.Ararat Grads! You made it a whole four years in a horrible school!
They go to Mt.Ararat.

oh, they must have no class.
by you wish you knew me 14 May 22, 2012
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