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The most disturbing, annoying and horrible song composed by a beautiful talented woman from Liverpool England, who is currently the love of my life. This woman makes beautiful music back in her hometown and has true musical talent, just like me. This is the reason why I love her. All her songs are beautiful except Ms Emotional. The melody is bullshit.

Its just that, the Americans find the lyrics interesting and her voice beautiful, so they brought her all the way to New York and made her sing that ONE song in their professional studios and the final song is very high quality, clear and crisp. The main chorus and the powerful lyrics is also good as well. However, her beautiful voice doesn't flow with the professional audio recording shit in New York and the tune and overall melody is VERY DISTURBING! The ENTIRE SONG is COMPLETE BULLSHIT!
The worst song ever made by a beautiful english talented musician I have feelings over is Ms Emotional. I think the American Recording Studios only want basic music with strong lyrics unlike the 90's, where music was better back then. At least Ms Emotional allowed this beautiful talented woman to become famous in the US with that song, but I am telling you, her other songs sound much better, more natural and there is more emotion to it.

I still love her though and think she is the best songwriter on earth, but her best song, which is Ms Emotional is a great disappointment. At least the main melody is nice, though.
by judenihalfdo February 08, 2010
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