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A short, fat, black, old, and stubby spherical object. This particular creature enjoys stuffing its face with fried chicken. It also love to scare children and eat them. When brought into KFC/Popeye's it will begin to levitate and absorb all of the chicken within its orbital vicinity. When it orders it will ask for no less than 40 pieces of chicken. It will then count the amount of chicken and if the number does not equal the amount ordered it will demand to get the chicken back and will receive a coupon. Its hairdo looks like the hair has been raised 6 inches up, 2 inches to the back, and floating. It has a strong southern accent and is extremely black if u didn't already catch that. If encountered offer chicken to it and run as fast as you can. Remember it doesn't have long legs and has 400 pounds of extra body fat. If angered can and will cause earthquakes.
That fat bitch over their looks like Mrs. Myles.
by DumbAssTrick January 24, 2015
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