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Mrithula is a person who might be someone you dont think is. Mrithula might be smart, but people call her a nerd. She is very promising, swift and will stand up for whoever she loves or believes in. She is very good at sports and is very attractive if you take the time to know her. She is slightly mean at times or ignorant but that doesn't ignore the fact that she is very loving inside. She is very reasonable. She is a fighter. Mrithula is not very loved, but those who are friends with Mrithula, learn to be like her. Mrithula can get fascinated or attracted to beauty at times. She has a great appetite. She might get overprotective at times. Never let Mrithula go, never. In all, Mrithula is wonderful
Person 1: Whos Mrithula?
Person 2: Shes a great person,i say that because i know her....get to know her well and she will be in your dreams
by Major Magnet August 22, 2018
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1. a girl who's in denial of her relationship
2. a girl who refuses to help others who want to help themselves
3. a girl who hates it when others are better than her
4. a girl who twirls her hair into sausages
5. a girl who goes on blind dates
dont be a mrithula
by flafelprince May 02, 2009
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