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A slime ethiopian-like structured asian boy with fingers and a neck similar to that of E.T. He is easily confused and basic concepts are overwhelming to him. He is yet to overcome some of the simplest of life's tasks due to his incompetence. He is always oblivious to his surrounding which is made evident by the look on his face and his mis-worn backwards Billabong hat.

He enjoys using phrases such as "WTF MANNNNNN" ( with much emphasis on the 'ANNNN') and "nah mannnnn".

If you talk to him via online chat client, you may find he horribly mispells the simplest of words and enters letters that do not belong.
i.e. 'pyeavce' ; 'whjat' ; 'siruslvby'
John: "Have you ever played CS with Mr.Po? That stankychanky oesnt know right from left and throws a shitfit if you accuse him of incompetence."

Rick: " Damn, what a drag. I hate playing with people who suck. What's even worse...I was playing with this kid named Viper..he owned me so hard that I doont ever want to play CS again!"

John: "Oh, gee wilikers!"
by Alex Ng February 09, 2007
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