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DISCLAIMER:This description focuses on one Mr.Noob.
This is an online player with the username "Mr.Noob". Mr.Noob plays a lot of games, including Roblox, because they "have no life".
Mr.Noob sees themself as positive, trying their best to not make enemies.
After some research, Mr.Noobs username on Roblox is exavierscott7, but after testing Roblox censorship, there's a good chance it will be censored.
Due to their nature, Mr.Noob will mostly stay away from inappropriate content(NSFW).
As Mr.Noob plays a lot of games, it's hard to pinpoint the most-played ones. But after research, we have a small list of Games and platforms it plays on.
-Sonic Robo Blast 2 (SRB2)
-Goat simulator
We weren't able to find any more, unfortunately.
After reviewing evidence/research, there's more than one Mr.Noob.
The population of Mr.Noobs aren't exact, but there's a good handful of them.
Although there's more than one, Mr.Noobs seem to be an endangered species, as they are rare to find in the wild.

As mentioned earlier, Mr.Noobs tend to vary a lot in personality, but The reason for this is unknown.

This concludes the description of the rare, mythical creatures known as a Mr.Noob.
Hi! This is my online name! I'm surprised you searched me up here.
Or maybe you were just looking for "Noob" and this popped up. In honesty, this is just for innocent fun. If this did offend you, though, I am deeply sorry, and I had no intentions of doing so.
Anyhow, I hope you have a nice day/afternoon/night! - Mr.Noob12
by Mr.Noob12 September 20, 2019
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