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1. A fat ass teacher who don't give a single shit about their students and give like 4 hours of homework.

2. A man who stands up in front of the classroom on the first day of school and tells you they teach "differently" than all the teachers you have had in the past. They then proceed to give you work to do from the textbook.

3.He is a ELA teacher. Hes a fucking egghead
Mr.Naylor: Your options today are take a test supposed to be tomorrow, learn something completely new for the test tomorrow, or suck my balls.

Student: (under breath) I think I might want to take the easy option and suck his balls.

Mr.Naylor: WHAT'S GOING On!? ( stares at wrong student )

Wrong Student: I didn't say anything sir...

Mr.Naylor: DETENTION! Everyone see me after class. Even the Asians.

Student in Back: Dude you fucking suck at teaching!

Another Student: Yeah he's just a bad teacher!
by TheCoolestMonkeyInTheJungle October 25, 2018
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A total jackass and does not belong on this planet
Wow mr.naylor is a jackass just like john
by 🌹 rose March 03, 2018
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