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A legend around the west side of Los Angeles. Mr. Bottles is said to be of Guatemalan descent but stands near 6 feet all, a freak of his species. Mr. Bottles is said to roam the streets of West LA collecting bottles from trash bins and using force to steal them from other Mexican bottle collectors. He also, as legend says, is known to be a Chuck Mangione fan. This is stated because neighbors have said to have heard "Feels so Good" being played from his home in the early morning hours. Also, his hired hands (Mr. Bottles has been known to use a Buntry on occasion) have said to have been beaten and embarrassed by Mr. Bottles for either being stoned on the job or just making stupid decisions. Legend has it, if you listen on a clear, full moon night you can hear Mr. Bottles collecting valuable recyclables while swerving to the tunes of Chuck Mangione.
"Yo man, straighten up!!! Mr. Bottles catch you slippin, he gonna bust a cap in both our asses!!! Now stop smoking that sherm!!!"

"I was trying to sleep in this morning after working all night at the saw mill, but fucking Mr. Bottles decided to start organizing his bottle collection - CLANG!! CLANG!! CLANG!!"
by Fremont40SW April 23, 2009
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