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A flugelhorn player who achieved international success with his jazz single, Feels So Good, in 1977.
CHUCK MANGIONE: When I signed a contract to be the Mega Lo Mart spokesman, I didn't read it carefully. I have to be at every store opening, and they open 400 stores a year. I haven't had time to record, or tour, or give my old lady any slow sweet lovin' in years. So I disappeared to the last place they'd ever look for me. I've been living here rent-free, eating their Cheerios, playing their video games and trying on their underpants. Anything to stick it to the Man.
by Jimbo February 13, 2005
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A close relative to the Rusty Trombone, the Chuck Mangione requires one partner to buzz into the ass of their lover whilst humming the melody to Feel So Good (the 1977 smooth jazz sensation).
After the Opera, Chad gave me the 9:42 album version of a Chuck Mangione.

God, I hope they cum before the guitar solo, I'm getting dizzy.
by molj August 18, 2010
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when your sexual partner is in the doggie-style position, and you place your right hand on the top of their ass (like holding a trumpet), and proceed to give your partner a rim job. when you come up for air, you have a poo-beard similar to Chuck Mangione's beard.
"man, i rimmed my girl out doggie style last night, and i got a chuck mangione."
by Jackson Faces May 09, 2012
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