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A completely self-loving, stuck up bitch. He spends all of his days teaching the innocent children about all the great things he has done in his life including his amazing "book" that he wrote and "accurately predicted" the current situation with the economy. He also believes that he is always right no matter how often he is proved wrong.

Mr. Biz's dirty jokes are so creepy and disturbing that he has been charged with Pedophilia 4 times in 3 different states (including the time he went to Myrtle Beach and he just happened to see that guy that owed him money). His porn movie joke is quite possibly the most disgusting thing a person can ever witness as they are forced to watch his delivery man pose.
Person 1: I think that guy is stalking me!
Person 2: Yeah, he is a real Mr. Biz.

That guy won't stop talking about himself! Why is he such a Biz?!
by ihatebiz November 19, 2008
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