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A great health teacher and a great man, he was also an opera singer and kept an incredible apple on his desk that no one could open. He loved Tigger and had a Tigger stamp for students when they received A's. His license plate also said Tigger and he drove an Audi!

He obeyed three rules: he didn't pick favorites, he trusted who you are, and upheld confidentiality. He hears everything and knows how to keep a secret.

He taught at Lakelands Park Middle School for seven years until he lost his battle with liver cancer on December 12, 2011.
LPMS kid: "Hey, you had Mr. Bittner yet?"
LPMS kid 2: "Nah, but I heard he was good."
LPMS kid 1: "Yeah, he was the best!"
by IB Artfreak December 13, 2011
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