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Lakelands Park is a middle school in gaithursburg. It ranges from grades 6-8. Kids at Lakelands are very separated, everyone has their own clique. The cliques consist of the preps, the latino girls, the oreos, the hispanics, the ghetto kids, the jocks, the retards, the druggies, and afew inbetween groups. Lakelands Park is a very free flowing school, you can get away with just about anything. Skipping class to go on the roof is most common among 8th graders. Not once has someone been caught. Most of the time while on the roof they smoke pot and throw rocks at eachother. Teachers there are oblivious to what really goes on at the school. All exept for health teacher Mr. Bittner who hears and knows everything. Students at Lakelands will most likey be going to Quince Orchard High School or Northwest High school.Lakelands Park is a great school to go to you will love it there the experiances are great and youll never forget it... i didnt.
Ridgeview kid "hey what middle school did you go to?"
Lakelands kid" Lakelands Park Middle School"
Ridgeview kid" woah man your way too cool for me sorry i even talked to you"
by xmaxxaxla July 26, 2008
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