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A term used to describe a very smart person, or the. "ultimate being." "Mr. Newaras" can be seen fighting back unfair GameStop prices and teaching high school level math all at the same time. They are also known to be "Fortnite gods" by the youth, where some of their skills include: being able to perform the default dance flawlessly, being able to spot a midget flossing from miles away with their hawk-like vision, having qualities of always knowing what they are doing, and shockingly resembling Sherman from Phineas and Ferb. People can be seen flocking to Mr. Newaras in cult like fashions, usually asking for help with their math homework.
Oh dude, did you see that Mr. Newara get the Victory Royale? That guy's been looking like a chug jug lately.
by PreyTheGeyAwey May 06, 2019
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