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An ebay sellers' warranty that is useless.
Legit seller item $100 + shipping $20 = $120 Mr. Whipple item $50 + shipping and handling $70 = $120. Both sellers offer a 90 day exchange buyer pays shipping both ways warranty. Item goes bad Legit seller $20 return + $20 replacement = $40. Mr Whipple $20 return + $70 shipping and handling ( you must pay this to get the warranty service ) = $90 . A lot of buyers would think twice about paying $40 to replace a $120 item, but if they think they are still ahead they will do it. Add in the fact that Mr Whipples merchandise is junk to begin with,a lot more are going to say the hell with it when the cost is $90 to replace a $120 item. Legit seller 90 days starts over again with the replacement item. Mr Whipple 90 day warranty starts with the first item and ends at 90 days. so your warranty may run out before you get the replacement. The rule of thumb is sellers price is twice sellers cost that means the legit seller is out $50 for each warranty replacement, he has good reason to make sure his merchandise will last. Mr Whipples cost is covered in the shipping and handling charge each warranty replacement costs him nothing, he isn't as concerned about the quality of his merchandise.Mr Whipples' warranty is a heads he wins and tails the buyer loses warranty. Check price, shipping costs, and warranty terms before buying avoid Mr Whipple. mikie the yorkie wishes she had.
by mikie the yorkie March 10, 2008
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