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1. When a woman or man is seeing a man, that s/he is happy with for now but s/he has no intention of settling down with him and will leave him when a better 'Mr okay for now' comes along or if Mr Right comes along.

2. When a man or woman goes out with a man because there is nothing better around and they don't want to be single.
1. Amy liked Rich, but he wasn't permanent. He was 'Mr okay for now', as soon as a better man appeared she would run off with him.

2. Mel: So, how serious is it with Rich.
Amy: He's Mr okay for now, I don't want to break up with him because otherwise I'll get no sex and there is no one better around.

synonyms: Mr alright for now, Mr he'll do for now, Mr good enough for now.
by Sjon June 25, 2008
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