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1. A rarely accomplished feat, Mr. Peanut is slang for the sexual act of a man receiving oral sex from female tapdancer with glasses. When the man is ready to ejaculate, he withdraws from her mouth and presses the tip of his penis firmly against the outside of her glasses on one side only. He then proceeds to spooge heavily and completely covers one side of the glasses in a milky white film. To seal the deal, he must then cock one leg over her and take a dump filled with peanuts on her stomach, thus giving her the appearance of Mr. Peanut.
"I didn't care much for the performance, but that Mr Peanut I gave her after the show was awesome."
by billebllunt December 09, 2013
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Mr. Peanut is where you take a giant shit with peanuts in it, has a unbreathable odor, and floats.
Lori D. had a 3:00pm meeting with Mr. Peanut in stall #3.
by icantbreathe July 11, 2008
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