Mr Brightside's Law of Social Well Being was discovered by Daniel M. Keysell, LMH of Shevamania in November 2006, in England, United Kingdom.
Mr Brightside's Laws of Social Well Being states the 5 laws of social well being are:

1. Paul Burgess and David Blunket are one and the same person.
2. If a person wants to stay socially well, they must respect the teachings of Harry and Ron, and Shevamania.
3. Alcohol should be consumed when out either in big amounts at party's or nights out, or small amounts if out on a social occation like a date.
4. Amit's height will always be smaller than everyone else, mathmatical fact.
5. Nod when you see a sexy girl at a fellow peer nearby
by King Keys, LHM of Shevamania November 15, 2006
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