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Someone that thinks he's the Alpha male of the group when he's actually an equal or just the group's bitch.

Typically wears vest tops, revealing the lack of muscle on his arms. He's also loud and pretentious to compensate for his tiny cheese puff penis.

If you happen to notice one of your fellow group members turning into a Mr Big Time you should:
1. Confer with other group members to confirm the transformation
2. Stop calling him by name and instead, in a high pitched piss take voice, call him 'Big Time'

This will ensure he is reminded of where he stands within the group, not as a leader but as an equal or possibly less than, depending on the severity of the situation.
Mr Big Time (pretentious friend): *Puts on vest top and acts as if muscular*

Group: 'ooooo Big Time'
by Stallion_ June 03, 2018
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