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mah-zuhl tawv
1. (n) Term to be used immediately before tossing a molotov cocktail at an enemy, both in video games and everyday life, though the latter is discouraged.
2. (n) Term to be used immediately after tossing any item in any situation, the toss being with a single hand and of an underhanded fashion with a snapping wrist motion at the end followed by a slight pose at the end of this motion.
3. (v) The act of using a single hand to toss something at a person, preferably when they aren't ready for it.
1. A man walks up to a lady on the street, "What's up bitch? Mozletov." Proceeds to throw a molotov cocktail at her feet, incinerating her and eventually killing her.

2. A man is on a date with a lady, at the end of their dinner their waiter asks the man if he'll be paying with cash or card. The man then proceeds to reach in his coat pocket and toss a gangster roll of $100 bills on to the table, afterwards saying, "Mozletov." All the while keeping his eyes on his date across the table, especially during the finishing pose.

3. "I fucken mozletov'd that mother fucker."
by Edson V October 06, 2007
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