a slang term for a certain variety of Marijuana
Yo dude I just got a Dime bag of Mowie wowie, let's toke it up.
by alien7 March 25, 2003
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mowy wowy is that wonderful wavy substance that can lead you on magical adventures through a glowing forest with many many colours swirling in front of your eyes. Its aroma is as beautiful as the small baggie that it comes in as it teases you with its sweet smell of intoxicated victory. It's heavily advised to situate yourself nearby a local kebab van or other greasy food (joint) whilst consuming/smoking this beautiful and sweet substance. Like Gandhi's flip-flop once said..."don't fight it, just light it"
Like Gandhi's flip-flop once said, "ping, pong, pass the bong" as he was prepared himself to pack another bowl of that glorious mowy wowy.
by Gandhi's flip-flop June 12, 2017
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