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Mow Em Down - A phrase often used during a heated game of beer pong to encourage ones partner to make multiple cups in succession. Most effective when yelled loudly as one word: "MOWEMDOWN"

Also used to describe a team or players performance, showing complete domination of the opposing side. True fans may even own multiple pieces of brightly colored clothing with the phrase "mow em down" proudly displayed.

Basically a huge motivation to one's teamates, regardless of the game, to hear MowEmDown. Rumor has it that American troops were heard yelling MOW-EM-DOWN while storming the beach at Normandy and the Battle of Bull Run.
After missing yet another cup AJ finished his Smirnoff Ice and yelled to his partner "MOW EM DOWN!!"

"Did you see Tiger play the other day?"
"Yeah man he went ham and Mowed Down the whole field"
by KegStack December 04, 2011
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