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A violent and degrading two-stage domination duel between two consenting individuals or "strugglers". The goal is to force the opponent to submit by successfully completing both stages of the fight, thereby resolving some disagreement or dispute in favour of the winner. The strugglers are normally adults, male or female. Mixed struggling between a male and a female, while often disadvantageous for the female struggler due to differences in strength, is not uncommon.

The two stages are 1) the acquisition of the opponent's fecal matter by rectal finger insertion and 2) the smearing of the fecal matter on the upper lip of the opponent (the moustache).

There are no rules regarding physical conduct (save the completion of the two stages), but causing the death of the opponent is strongly discouraged. A struggler must first acquire fecal matter from the opponent by forcefully inserting a finger (usually the index finger) into the anus of the opponent. The sullied finger must then be applied to the upper lip of the opponent before the opponent does likewise.

An extension of the moustache struggle involves a group of strugglers (3 or more). A group moustache struggle is highly unpredictable because an opposing struggler may strike at any time. For example, if two strugglers are engaged in the final throes of stage two, a third struggler may sneak up unawares, perform a very fast insert-and-wipe maneuver, and usurp the match.
The group of campers agreed that sexual partners would be chosen by way of a moustache struggle that would begin at the lakeside the following midday.
by struggler August 20, 2010
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