Mountainside NJ is a charming town centered in union county. It is the nicest town in union county. It also has the cheapest taxes since their is no high school. Kids don't have anything to do in this town besides "hangout at 711" or drive around in their brand new cars. Most households are two income family's. Everyone in this town thinks their house is worth more than people would pay for it. There is only 5 stores downtown so everybody goes to westfield and considers it their own down town. Mothers have nothing to do but drive around their fancy Volvo or suburban and complete their one task of the day and that is to pick their child up at Deerfield. If you live in mountainside most likely one or more of your parents commute to work in NYC by train or bus. Almost every street in mountainside has at least one poorly build McMansion that will likely concave in the nest 20 years because of the cheap building materials used. If you attended Deerfield middle school god help you because the education system and teachers is best described as poop. If your from mountainside then you will know how many old people are residents of here. The old people walk in the middle of the road causing traffic. Basically mountainside is the breeding grounds for WASPs. Average income in mountainside is about 120,000 dollars but most families are bringing in 200,000 or are living on old money.
Your from mountainside NJ"

"Yes i am"

" You must be a rich ball a shit republican"
by Classyman October 15, 2013
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