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Generic replacement for Mountain Dew that one shouldn't purchase. Mello Yellow is considered generic as it is not Mountain Dew; despite it being produced by Coca-Cola. Most Mountain Don't's are produced by individual supermarket companies.

Characteristics of so-called Mountain Don't's include flat taste, lack of effect, and blandness.
Heee Haw (Hy-Vee), Citrus Drop (Kroger), Kountry Mist (Winn-Dixie), Mountain Breeze (Safeway), Mountain Lightning (Wal-Mart), Mountain Lion (Food Lion), Mountain Maze (Albertson's) and Moon Mist (Shasta/Faygo) are all Mountain Don't's.
by Justin Herbert April 10, 2009
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A rather tasty cocktail made with Jägermeister and Mountain Dew. Best enjoyed whilst watching your team take the fucking Stanley Cup and made popular by the webcomic Hockey Zombie
"Dude, I had like 6 Mountain Don'ts and passed out before the third period!"
by TheFloyd May 29, 2007
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A drink for the future. I will be inventing it so nobody steal my ideas...It will have a lemony, peachy, watermellony, orangy, grape, fruit punchy taste to it and will have (in a 24oz bottle) 10oz of vodka!
yo dude, that Mountain Dont tastes pretty sweet. May need to buy it s'more
by Magic January 22, 2005
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