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Newcomers don't know it, but there are more subdivisions to the city than just Fleetwood and Chester Heights. There are Pasadena Park and Huntswoods to name two others.

Malcom X once lived there and so did Ossie Davis and Art Carney who grew up there. Arthur and Kathrine Murray who headed a ballroom dance empire and lived in MV used to babysit Dick Clark there. E. B. White and the original head of Warner Bros. did too, in a dim, distant past. In that era, Broadway Stars on their way home to CT. would get off the train to unwind at a club with a pink door near the RR Station, then board a next train to go home to Stamford. At one time, the city had more National Merit Scholarship winners in one year than all of the private schools in NY put together. But the educational system has now gone to pot.
by Ex residenta January 05, 2013
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